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Bridger Reed-Lewis, Board Member

Originally, I’m from Palmer, Alaska moved to Anchorage in 2020 to obtain better support for my disability. I am Autistic level 1; this makes me quite independent. Furthermore, I specialize in disability policy looking into the incidents of Medicaid, Snap, and Section 8 housing thoroughly to make sure that I can interpret them appropriately to then give a renditioned version to those in need.
My goals are to push for policy change toward meeting the desires of others with disabilities to obtain a better standard of life. Along with becoming a disability researcher using it to push for changes at every level of government. A bit about my hobbies though, I love reading manga, playing games, watching various documentaries, and more. Lastly, I hope to serve all who are in need of help, and advice on how to navigate this confusing world we are in.

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