Peer Power Alaska

To educate, promote, and advance the empowerment of self-advocates with disabilities.

Working together, we can make a difference!


Donate here to help bring Alaskans with disabilities to our annual Peer Power Self-Advocacy Summit!

About Us


 The goal and purpose of the Peer Power organization is to help self-advocates become empowered. Our main areas of focus are employment for people with disabilities, self-advocacy mentoring opportunities, employer awareness training, and presentations to appropriate audiences.

The group is comprised of elected board members, most of whom have an intellectual or developmental disability. We are seeking board members throughout the state of Alaska. Membership is open to any with interest in the self-advocacy movement. Meetings are held monthly via video and tele-conferencing (Zoom) state wide.


What does Peer Power Offer?

-Self-advocacy mentoring opportunities


-Training opportunities to learn self-advocacy skills.

-Raising disability awareness throughout the state of Alaska

-Annual Peer Power Self-Advocacy Summit


Address and contact info

P.O. Box 220292

Anchorage, AK 99522

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