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About Peer Power Alaska

Peer Power Alaska is a statewide non-profit organization led by Alaskans with disabilities. People with disabilities want to live the life they choose to live; not the life other people say they have to live. Its board members work to energize people by organizing events and providing training and access to information with the goal of empowering people with disabilities. And to elevate the voices of people with disabilities across Alaska.

Board Members

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Kaleene Lamb_edited.jpg
Jena Crafton_edited.jpg

Art Delaune
Vice President

Maggie Winston 
Acting President

Tonya Dipo

Isaac Bush
Board Member

Kaleene Lamb
Board Member

Jena Crafton
Board Member

Sara Kveum

Michelle Davidson
Board Member

Sara Kveum
Board Member

This could be you!
Board Member

This could be you!
Board Member



Ric Nelson
Executive Director

Garrett Dominick
Director of Communications

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