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Would you like to be a part of the Peer Power Board?

Are you currently a Peer Power member?

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Roles and Responsibilities

As a member of the board, I will:

1. Understand Peer Power’s mission and assist to move it forward

2. Actively participate in creating and carrying out the strategic plan

3. Make sure Peer Power is doing a good job with its programs & events

4. Make sure Peer Power has enough money to pay the bills

5. Make sure money is used according to the rules of the funder

6. Be active in maintaining a functional board of directors

7. Make sure Peer Power doesn’t break any laws

8. Talk positively about Peer Power

As a member of the board, I commit to:

1. Participate in every board meeting unless I have a good reason to miss a meeting

2. Attend all Peer Power-sponsored events

3. Help with at least one special project every year

4. Read all the information sent out and come to meetings prepared

5. Arrive at meetings on time and ready to actively participate

6. Ask questions on information I do not understand

7. Listen carefully to other board members with an open mind

8. Actively work toward decisions and solutions that are best for Peer Power

9. Reach out for help or ask for a mentor if I need help to understand my responsibilities as a board member

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