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Garrett Dominick, Marketing and Outreach Manager
Former President and Vice President

Garrett Dominick is the Owner of AK Nordic Outreach. He attended and finished a course at the University of Anchorage Alaska called Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities aka LEND.  He would like to go to college and receive a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Garrett has been a member of the State Vocational Rehabilitation Committee through DVR for a year now.  He was the recipient of the Journey Award through Hope Community Resources and the Lion of the Year through Lions Clubs International of Alaska in 2017.  He also is the Advocacy Champion for the Kenai Peninsula Disability Pride Celebration in 2018.  He does pro bono work for the Shared Vision as their marketing lead.  Garrett experiences Jouberts Syndrome, Panhypopituitarism, and Hypoglycemia. He requires slim to no assistance to manage his physical needs but he is expanding his advocacy, policy, and education efforts beyond the state of Alaska to support advances in all 50 states.  Someday he wishes to become the National Disability Advisor to the US.  

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